5 benefits of a quick Activated Charcoal Mask DIY

5 benefits of a quick Activated Charcoal Mask DIY

How to Exude Radiance with an Activated Charcoal Mask DIY


By now, you’ve probably seen the video of the activated charcoal mask gone awry. But don’t let that scare you away from using an activated charcoal mask to get smoother, clearer, more refreshed and radiant skin. Activated charcoal is perhaps one of the biggest beauty crazes right now, and with good reason. That’s because it works.


And while they say beauty is pain, you can harness the power of an activated charcoal mask DIY without having to suffer for better skin. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, here’s why you should be using an activated charcoal mask.


  1. Clear up acne, blemishes and scars

Activated charcoal, which incidentally is not the same thing as the stuff you use in your barbecue grill, is a miracle worker for acne-prone skin. It draws out impurities and cleans pores down deep. The slightly abrasive texture gently yet effectively sloughs off dead skin from the top of your acne scars and reveals fresh, clear skin beneath. Start using it now to see better skin!


  1. Provides the deepest cleaning

It sure seems strange to slather something so dark all over your face to get it clean, but the highly-absorbent powers of activated charcoal are capable of sucking up impurities including heavy metals and other toxins from your skin. Making an activated charcoal mask DIY is the best way to perform an effective weekly treatment for better skin.


  1. Brings balance to oily skin

Those of you with oily skin will want to get on the activated charcoal mask trend ASAP because that absorption power means it can draw away excess oils and sebum that have become lodged into your pores. It won’t dry skin out when it does this either, leaving you looking fresh and beautiful as ever.


  1. Gentle exfoliator

Activated charcoal naturally has a bit of a grit to it, yet the grit isn’t harsh and abrasive on the skin. And thanks to its ability to absorb, it sloughs off dead skin cells and sucks them up to keep them from getting stuck in your pores again.


  1. Say goodbye to blackheads

Blackheads can ruin your perfect visage, but activated charcoal can get rid of them fast. If you have blackheads, steam your face first to open up your pores and then use an activated charcoal mask DIY for the best results.


Ready to experience the benefits of activated charcoal? Here is your Chance to get Activated Charcoal along with our Starter Kit, a mask brush and $10 Gift Card!

Starter Set

You can add it in to your natural masks with Smoothie Beauty’s Smoother Boosters for an easy way to activated charcoal bliss. Or you can use another quality activated charcoal powder and mix it with various ingredients to achieve results. Mixing it with a little water to create a paste is one simple method, though you can add aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil to activated charcoal to make your mask more substantial.

Watch our Activated Charcoal in action:


However you choose to use it, activated charcoal should be a staple in your skincare regimen for purely beautiful skin!

Stay Smoothie!

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