How to Use our Smoother Boosters

How to Use our Smoother Boosters

Have you been intrigued by our Smoother Boosters but don't know where to start? Or are you traveling and want to have a quick and clean skincare pick me up when you are on the go? Then watch the videos below to see how easy it is to use our Activated Charcoal and Maca Smoother Booster. 

Our Activated Charcoal booster is perfect for:

  • detoxifying
  • drawing out impurities
  • healing and preventing acne
  • cleansing

Use this booster once a week to keep your skin feeling squeaky clean!

Activated Charcoal Booster:

Our Maca booster is perfect for:

  • energizing
  • firming
  • healing and preventing hormonal acne
  • fighting wrinkle-causing free radicals

Use this booster as often as you need to keep your skin looking and feeling firm and youthful!

Maca Booster:


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