Smoothie Beauty Earth Day Initiative

Smoothie Beauty Earth Day Initiative

In Celebration of Earth Day, We Have Partnered with One Tree Planted

Why Did We Partner With One Tree Planted For Their Earth Day Initiative?

The answer to this question is quite simple. All of our fresh face masks are made with natural & organic ingredients that are offered to us by Mother Nature. Through this earth day initiative and partnership we are able to give back to nature and the earth. Even though we are a very small company and are not yet 100% perfect, we strive to offer the cleanest and freshest skincare on the market. It is our passion to start to give back to Mother Nature in full circle. We strongly believe in the power of natural ingredients and the beautifying effects they have on our skin and we couldn't do what we do without them. During our Earth Day initiative we will plant a tree for each face mask purchased.

Our New "Earth" Fresh Face Mask

With the earth as inspiration, our new "Earth" fresh face mask was created by Smoothie Beauty founder Stephanie Peterson and each ingredient represents the cornerstones of our beautiful planet.

As we work towards helping the earth, our "Earth" fresh face mask will help protect your skin and health.

  • whole milk greek yogurt - clouds/sky (gently exfoliates and softens)
  • blueberry - ocean (prevents free radical damage)
  • tigernut oil - animals (slows the aging of skin cells)
  • rosemary - trees (natural antiseptic)
  • chia seed - growth/knowledge (anti-inflammatory and smooths skin)


Face Mask Made With Organic Ingredients

Who is One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted is a 501c3 non-profit based in Shelburne, Vermont and through donations, they plant trees all over the world.  They work with amazing NGOs worldwide that have collectively planted millions of trees. With years of experience, these key partners work hand-in-hand with local communities to ensure that proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner.One Tree Planted Logo

Where Will Smoothie Beauty Plant Tree's During The Earth Day Initiative?

We have decided to plant trees in North America since all our fresh face masks are made in the USA and we are a NYC based company. 

One Tree Planted Location

Impact Of Planting Trees & Why Earth Day Is Important

The impact of donating to plant trees in North America goes beyond the typical benefits of trees such as that they provide fruits, nuts, and berries for all to eat, combat climate change, create oxygen, cool areas, provide a habitat for local wildlife, and filter water. Trees that are carefully planted can also help prevent devastating forest fires that affect certain regions. While humans start three out of every four wildfires, the density of the foliage affects how fast those fires spread. Forests that grow back naturally after a fire often grow at too high of a density. Professionally planted trees are spaced further apart to make forests safer for all the beings who depend on them. By making donations to plant trees, you can help create sustainable forests for years to come! (source)

Although Earth Day is but once a year, the meaning of Earth Day should be carried in our hearts throughout the year. 

How Trees Have Defined America

The article "how trees defined America" by the published an interview with historian Eric Rutkow that we would like to share with you, just click the link above to read the article. According to Rutkow, the United States would not be the country as we know it today without the vast forests that provided our growing nation with timber, paper, and other resources—and that eventually inspired our environmental consciousness. He published a book called: American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation, where Rutkow traces the history of the United States through our trees and explains how our character is shaped by the relationship with them.

He goes on to explain that we have come from net-losing trees every year to a transformed trend over the course of the 19th century such that now there are more trees planted than being cut down. "That’s a bright spot we have made progress in," says Rutkow. (source)

One Tree at a Time

With this Earth Day initiative, we will plant a tree for every fresh face mask sold in April and we will continue to plant a tree for every "Earth" fresh face mask purchased. We are also participating in an Earth Day event in NYC at the Hester Street Fair.

It is important for us to continue this trend and we at Smoothie Beauty are a proud partner of this tree planting initiative. We plan to continue to find ways to give back to our beautiful earth and we hope that we can do this together with you, hand in hand.

One Tree Planted Wildlife

Image (sources)

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The application was very smooth as the texture allows for a better application and I loved that it contained greek yogurt and blueberries – I’m so impressed by this brand for using only edible ingredients and that they actually work!

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