Top 5 Benefits of Strawberry for Your Skin

Top 5 Benefits of Strawberry for Your Skin

One of the best things about summer is the bounty of delicious, sweet and fresh strawberries all around.

You probably have a carton of them in your fridge right now, don’t you?

Grab some out for a tasty and healthful vitamin C-rich snack and set some aside for your skincare. Strawberries can work on both your insides and as a strawberry face mask on the outside to make you look summer-gorgeous fast!

Watch the Video of Stephanie explaining the benefits of Strawberries and Mangos for your skin.

Here are the top 5 benefits of strawberries for your skin!
Strawberry Face Mask 
  1. Amazing anti-aging agent

There’s a special antioxidant in strawberries called ellagic acid. It keeps collagen from breaking down. Without collagen, you start getting wrinkles, so using a strawberry face mask on your skin is a bright idea to keep collagen strong.


  1. Anti-acne

Since strawberries are naturally acidic, they help clear excess sebum from your skin. That means you get regulated control of your sebum so your skin will be less prone to breakouts. Oily kin benefits from it too because it nourishes without stripping away moisture.


  1. UV protection

Again, ellagic acid comes to the rescue! Because of it, it makes for an excellent way to protect skin from damaging UV rays and restore damaged skin that has been exposed to it.


  1. Lighter, brighter skin

The juice from strawberries is ideal for lightening skin, especially where blemishes and scars are concerned. Even dark spots fade fast after using it. It only takes a moment to apply it with cotton balls to your dark spots, allow it to soak in, and then rinse for skin that looks lighter and brighter with every use.


  1. Reduces puffiness

Everyone always turns to cucumber slices under the eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness. But strawberries can be there for you too! It works best if you use larger strawberries so you cut them into large slices and place over your eyes.


There are so many ways you can use fresh strawberries to look more ravishing than ever! Try mashing them up and smearing onto your face for an all-natural strawberry face mask. You don’t need anything else with them since they naturally contain AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which leave skin youthful and luminous, but if you’d like, you can add raw organic honey or plain yogurt for even more beauty benefits. 

Our Blossom fresh face mask allows your skin to bloom after the long winter. With key ingredients that protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent pre-mature aging, you will be ready to bring on the sunshine! (Always wear clean SPF though! Be spectacular, not sunburnt :P) 

You may even love adding sugar to it for a sugar scrub since it can really slough off dead skin and help reveal fresher, more rejuvenated skin. That works great on everything from head to toe! Plus, because it’s all natural, you won’t feel guilty if you snack on your skincare preparations before you apply it.


The sweet smell of strawberries makes for a refreshing way to beautify while enjoying these longer, hotter days of summer. 

Our blossom face mask is also featured in our monthly box alongside Seaside and Berry! 

Give them a try! 

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