What's in your fridge Olesia Anisimovich?

What's in your fridge Olesia Anisimovich?

Welcome to our "What's in your fridge?" interview segment! We believe that health, beauty, and happiness starts with what's in our fridge because the foods we consume nourishes us in every way both inside and out.
For our first interview, we interviewed the rising Beauty & Wellness vlogger, Olesia Anisimovich. Olesia is a NYC based international model that has a smile and glow that lights up every room she walks in to. She has been practicing self-care ever since she was 10 years old. You may recognize Olesia from her YouTube channel or from Instagram. She is #goals when it comes to self-care and is always sharing the latest and greatest in wellness with her followers. 
What inspired you to become a model and then at what point did you become passionate about beauty and wellness? 
I grew up in South Russia, running around in nature and eating organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs from my family’s garden. When I was about 10 years old I started a notebook that I called “Secrets for beauty, harmony and happiness by Olesia” where I wrote all little health, wellness, beauty tips and hacks that I was learning growing up since it was already such a big passion and interest of mine. My mom was always my inspiration for DIY natural beauty and health-boosting recipes. As a little girl, I had always wanted to be a model having loved the idea of traveling the world, meeting talented people and wearing beautiful clothing. I went to many countries for modeling as a teenager and became passionate about different beauty & wellness rituals from all over the world. As I became older I realized I have the power to use my experiences and knowledge as a voice in the beauty & wellness space as a foundation for something really meaningful. 
What does "beauty" mean to you?
My mind always puts the term “beauty” in line with “natural” for some reason - and it’s great to see more and more of our industry moving in that direction. Also, beauty is waking up in the morning and saying to yourself that today is the best day and loving yourself.
What are your favorite beauty brands?
I love so many! I recently came back from Japan with a suitcase full of organic Japanese beauty products and I’ve been using all of them in full rotation.  Some of my current favorite Japanese brands are F Organics and Do organics. 
In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation in beauty right now?
I’m thrilled by how well we can maintain the beauty of your skin at home with all the beauty devices that are currently on the market - things like LED light therapy, gemstone rollers, mini face steamers, derma rollers etc.  Also the effectiveness of organic skincare - people used to think that natural meant it won’t be effective enough and it’s more of ‘old school' - we're seeing more and more that that’s not the case, thanks to many amazing innovative brands out there.
Do you spend more on skincare or makeup? 
Skincare by far! 
What’s your can’t live without beauty product and why? 
I love natural oils for their revitalizing and hydrating properties, face masks for pampering and non-nano zinc oxide for sunscreen.
What is your daily skincare routine? 
Gentle cleanser in morning, followed by toner, serum (or 2!), moisturizer and sunscreen. I love to do double cleansing at night, throw on a face mask and/or do a little face massage and also put thick hydrating overnight treatment, especially in the winter. Also eye cream twice a day is a must and never forget your neck and decolletage area.
Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us? 
Love is my biggest beauty secret :) Really, loving yourself, loving your life and surrounding yourself with people you love is a big one. Because when you are in love with life, you naturally want to nourish your body with whole and healthy foods, exercise for natural energy and practice other self-care priorities.
What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?
Forest bathing, meditation, yoga, sage, crystals, journaling face mask and spending quality time with loved ones. Also, traveling gives me a sense of well-being and clarity. 
What’s your favorite quote pertaining to beauty? 
“Happy girls are the prettiest” - I think it’s the most timeless quote, by Audrey Hepburn.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Start using eye cream in your teens, apply sunscreen every day, drink water and just relax and enjoy the ups and downs of life!
How important is food in your beauty regimen, inside and out?
Food is very important. I like to think about food as a fuel for my body, mind, and spirit. Food is like a constructor for our bodies and our health and it’s in our hands to decide what construction materials to use.
If you had a mission statement about yourself, what would it be?
To live happy, healthy and beautifully as naturally as possible, and empower other women through my knowledge from experiences to do the same.
Lastly, what's always in your fridge?
Leafy greens, berries, lemons (for my daily warm water + lemon drink), wild caught salmon and, of course, Smoothie Beauty fresh masks.
You can follow Olesia Anisimovich on YouTube or on Instagram @les.nyc + @olesia.nyc

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