Why We Love Rosemary for All Things Beauty

Why We Love Rosemary for All Things Beauty

Rosemary Benefits For Skin


Fragrant rosemary is a wonderful herb to have around in your kitchen to give dishes a beautiful flavor. Eating it definitely has internal benefits for your body like relieving stress and anxiety but using it in your skincare routine has outstanding benefits for your skin too.


Rosemary skin benefits will leave you looking your absolute best. Plus the unmistakable aroma will elevate your mood and help you glow from within. Here are other rosemary skin benefits that you’ll adore!


  1. Improves the skin’s circulation

For younger and fresher-looking skin, it’s important to keep the blood flowing to your skin cells for proper and efficient regeneration. Rosemary is a circulation booster that naturally helps blood carry oxygen to your skin cells for turnover to reveal an improved skin tone and complexion.


  1. Clears up troubled skin

Rosemary benefits for the skin are great when it comes to blemish-prone faces. It’s naturally astringent so it draws away impurities and keeps skin cleaner deep down in the pores. That means your skin will stay cleaner and clearer when you use products with rosemary in them.


  1. Improves skin texture

Rosemary is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that help protect your skin cells. Along with those astringent powers, it helps even out your skin tone and smooth out your texture.


  1. Tightens and firms skin

Rejuvenate your skin with the power of rosemary. The intensive natural nutrients help restore tired and aging skin, giving it a tighter and firmer appearance.


  1. Helps correct sun damage

Age spots and other unsightly signs of aging and sun damage can take away our confidence. Rosemary benefits the skin with a hefty dose of calcium, phytonutrients and iron which can combat sun damage. It helps keep skin looking brighter, fresher and younger.


You can use rosemary oil on your skin by adding it to your favorite lotions or looking for products that contain it. Clarins makes an amazing serum formulated with rosemary and antioxidant-rich turmeric. Ken Gen Do has a fantastic makeup removing spa water that infuses skin with rosemary skin benefits as well as other ingredients to pamper skin as it removes makeup and impurities.


One of the best ways to use rosemary benefits for the skin is to do a mask. Smoothie Beauty’s Earth mask contains rosemary along with Greek yogurt, cold-pressed tigernut oil, chia seeds, and blueberry. Plus, with every Earth mask sold, Smoothie Beauty is planting one tree with the amazing non-profit tree planting group, One Tree Planted to help celebrate Earth Day. It’s a great way to be more beautiful while making the world more beautiful too.

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