Balancing Beauty Cleanse

  • Balancing Beauty Cleanse

Balancing Beauty Cleanse

Bundle and Save
Bundle and Save

Is your skin oily or acne-prone? Let us help!


If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this set is for you!

  • Do you have frequent breakouts and is your skin acne-prone?
  • Do you care about your overall health & well-being?
  • Does your skin feel and look dull?
  • Do you like doing peels or how AHA's make your skin feel?
  • Do you believe in the potent power of natural ingredients?
  • Do you have oily or combination skin?
  • Does your skin crave balance?

This BEAUTY CLEANSE contains:

Balancing Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: banana, papaya, pineapple, raw honey, and that's it!

Soothing Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: whole milk greek yogurt, cucumber, aloe vera inner leaf juice, kelp (seaweed), and that's it!

Revitalizing Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: banana, kiwi, blackberry, raw neem honey, mint leaves, and that's it!

Aloe Booster - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: aloe vera leaf and chamomile

Activated Charcoal Booster - INGREDIENTS: pure activated charcoal and organic spirulina

Maca Booster - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: raw maca root and chickpea

Calming Facial Mist 2 oz - ORGANIC FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENTS: lavender hydrosol & blue chamomile hydrosol

Balance Out your Skin the Smoothie Beauty Way With Our


Use our set in the following order for best results and to give your skin the spa treatment it deserves. Please remember, a huge part of treating your skin is to rid it of toxins & harsh chemicals, this is why we call this a beauty cleanse! While your skin will feel soft & less inflamed immediately after using our masks, by making our skincare a part of your regular clean skincare routine you can have long-lasting benefits and truly healthy skin!

Week 1 (BALANCE & EXFOLIATE) 🍍- Week 1 is all about finding balance and exfoliating away dead skin cells that are blocking your pores with our Tropics fresh face mask & Aloe booster - Tropics is like a vacation for your skin. Comprised completely of fruits and honey, the natural enzymes dissolve away dead skin cells leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Tropics mask mix in our Aloe booster. Together the aloe vera leaf and chamomile will help calm and reduce redness/inflammation. Leaving you with perfectly pampered skin.

Week 2 (SOOTHE & CALM) 🥒- Next, in week 2 we head to the sea to soothe and calm your skin with our Seaside fresh face mask & Activated Charcoal booster. Sit back and relax as the cucumber and aloe soothe your stressed skin. Let the Greek yogurt do the work to gently slough off dead skin cells while the kelp nourishes and rejuvenates your skin with minerals and vitamins. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Seaside mask mix in our Activated Charcoal booster. The powerful ingredients will draw out excess oil, toxins, tighten pores, and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

Week 3 (REVITALIZE & HYDRATE) 🥝- Now that your skin is soothed and exfoliated, week 3 will help you to maintain your nourished skin with our Berry fresh face mask & Maca booster - Berry fresh face mask gives your skin an instant pick-me-up! With revitalizing vitamins, antioxidants, and healing benefits, it’s literally a vitamin pack for your face. After using this mask, you will want to look in the mirror and say “berry niceeee”! With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Berry mask mix in our Maca booster. Since maca is an adaptogen, it has a balancing and regulatory effect. Let this superfood boost your skin by making it more firm, clear, healthy, and radiant.

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