Brightening Beauty Cleanse

  • Brightening Beauty Cleanse

Brightening Beauty Cleanse

Bundle and Save
Bundle and Save

Is your skin dull & lackluster? Let us help!


If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this set is for you!

  • Do you have dull skin?
  • Do you care about your overall health & well-being?
  • Do you want a brighter and glowing complexion?
  • Is your skin tone uneven? Do you have hyper-pigmentation?
  • Do you believe in the potent power of natural ingredients?
  • Does your skin look and feel tired?
  • Are you looking for immediate but most importantly long-lasting benefits?

This BEAUTY CLEANSE contains:

Brightening Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: whole milk greek yogurt, raw active manuka honey, whole grain oats, lemon juice and peel, turmeric, and that's it!

Balancing Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: banana, papaya, pineapple, raw honey, and that's it!

Protecting Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: whole milk greek yogurt, blueberry, cold-pressed tiger nut oil, rosemary, chia seed, and that's it!

Matcha Booster - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: matcha and brown rice

Pearl Booster - INGREDIENTS: organic white rice and pure pearl

Activated Charcoal Booster - INGREDIENTS: pure activated charcoal and organic spirulina

Toning Facial Mist 0.5 oz - ORGANIC FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENT: rose hydrosol

Brighten your Lackluster Skin the Smoothie Beauty Way With Our


Use our set in the following order for best results and to give your skin the spa treatment it deserves. Please remember, a huge part of treating your skin is to rid it of toxins & harsh chemicals, this is why we call this a beauty cleanse! While your skin will feel soft & smoothed immediately after using our masks, by making our skincare a part of your regular clean skincare routine you can have long-lasting benefits and truly healthy skin!

Week 1 (BALANCE & EXFOLIATE) 🍍- Week 1 is about exfoliating away the dead skin cells that are blocking your glow with our Tropics fresh face mask & Pearl booster - Tropics is like a vacation for your skin. Comprised completely of fruits and honey, the natural enzymes dissolve away dead skin cells leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Tropics mask mix in our Pearl booster. Together the organic white rice and pearl will help replenish collagen and brighten the skin for an even skin tone. Leaving you with natural glow.

Week 2 (BRIGHTEN & SMOOTH) 🍯- Next, week 2 will help boost your glow game and smooth out your skin with our Sunrise fresh face mask & Matcha booster - Sunrise will brighten your day and your skin. Like little rays of sunshine, the brightening effect of turmeric has been a tried and true Ayurvedic ingredient. In tandem with fresh lemon juice, your skin will look as glorious as the sunrise itself! With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Sunrise mask mix in our Matcha booster. Together the matcha and brown rice packed with anti-aging polyphenols, catechins, and EGCG antioxidants that slow cell degeneration will smooth, protect, tighten skin, and help reveal an even skin tone.

Week 3 (PROTECT & HYDRATE) 🌿- Now that your skin is exfoliated and brightened, week 3 will help you to maintain your healthy glowing skin with our Earth fresh face mask & Activated Charcoal booster - Our Earth fresh face mask is like a hug from Mother Nature. Each carefully chosen ingredient helps protect your precious skin while helping it look more youthful and in turn, you will also be protecting our earth by replenishing it one tree at a time. * We have partnered with and will be planting a tree for every Earth fresh face mask purchased. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Earth mask mix in our Activated Charcoal booster. The powerful ingredients will draw out excess oil, toxins, tighten pores, and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

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