Hydrating Beauty Cleanse

  • Hydrating Beauty Cleanse

Hydrating Beauty Cleanse

Bundle and Save
Bundle and Save

Is your skin dry & thirsty? Let us help!


If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this set is for you!

  • Do you have dry or flaky skin?
  • Do you care about your overall health & well-being?
  • Does your skin need a boost of deep hydration?
  • Do you spend a lot of time in the sun?
  • Do you believe in the potent power of natural ingredients?
  • Does your skin look and feel tired?
  • Do you travel often or live in a dry climate?
  • Are you looking for immediate, but most importantly long-lasting benefits?

This BEAUTY CLEANSE contains:

Hydrating Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: avocado, raw honey, avocado oil, coconut water, lime juice, and that's it!

Stimulating Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: raw cacao powder, almond milk, dark maple syrup, coffee granules, cold-pressed unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, and that's it!

Anti-Aging Fresh Face Mask (2-3 uses) - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: whole milk greek yogurt, raw active Manuka honey, lemon juice, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, vanilla bean, and that's it!

Aloe Booster - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: aloe vera leaf and chamomile

Pearl Booster - INGREDIENTS: organic white rice and pure pearl

Matcha Booster - ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: matcha and brown rice

Healing Facial Mist 0.5 oz - ORGANIC FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENTS: rose geranium hydrosol & tulsi (holy basil) hydrosol

Hydrate your Dry Skin the Smoothie Beauty Way With Our


Use our set in the following order for best results and to give your skin the spa treatment it deserves. Please remember, a huge part of treating your skin is to rid it of toxins & harsh chemicals, this is why we call this a beauty cleanse! While your skin will feel soft & smoothed immediately after using our masks, by making our skincare a part of your regular clean skincare routine you can have long-lasting benefits and truly healthy skin!

Week 1 (HYDRATE & NOURISH) 🥑- Week 1 is all about rehydrating and nourishing your skin with our Jungle fresh face mask & Pearl booster - Jungle is thick and creamy and full of skin loving moisture. Relax and indulge as the avocado and raw honey hydrate your parched skin. While mineral-rich coconut water adds moisture and reduces the appearance of pores. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Jungle mask mix in our Pearl booster. Together the organic white rice and pearl will help replenish collagen and gently exfoliate for an even skin tone. Leaving you with soft, supple skin.

Week 2 (STIMULATE & SOOTHE) 🍫- Next, week 2 will help stimulate and exfoliate your skin with anti-aging antioxidants as well as soothe with our Awaken fresh face mask & Aloe booster. Whether you had a big night out or you were working late, Awaken will tighten, stimulate circulation, hydrate, and plump your face with antioxidants that will at least make you look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Awaken mask mix in our Aloe booster. Together the aloe vera leaf and chamomile will help soothe and calm redness/inflammation.

Week 3 (ANTI-AGING & SMOOTH) 🍋- In week 3, now that your skin is hydrated and nourished, let’s give some attention to the anti-aging benefits of raw manuka honey, cold-pressed olive oil, & matcha found in our Goddess fresh face mask & Matcha booster - Goddess fresh face mask will make you feel like Aphrodite herself. With anti-aging ingredients that were used in Ancient Greece, this mask has passed the test of time. With 1 out of the 3 uses of the Goddess mask mix in our Matcha booster. Together the matcha and brown rice packed with anti-aging polyphenols, catechins, and EGCG antioxidants that slow cell degeneration will smooth, protect, tighten skin, and help reveal an even skin tone.

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